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Intermediate Exercises- Great for the advanced middle school student to the professional

Building Basics

Building Basics is a 20-30 minute routine that you can do to cover a lot of different areas of your technique. If you're an advanced middle school student or a high school student or amateur player, this is a GREAT routine for you. 

Foundation Sequencing

Foundation Sequencing is a simple guided exercise that focuses on very short lip slurs repeated at different tempi until they are ingrained in your technique. These patterns may be the single best thing you can do for your playing.

Double hinge Doorway

This routine is designed to teach Double Tonguing slowly and correctly. By doing this daily, you will develop a very reliable double tongue skillset.

High Range Routine

High Range Workout is a dedicated work out for your high range. You can find a video to play along with under the video section, as well as on youtube. Total Time 10 minutes.

Arpeggio Architecture

Arpeggio Architecture is a Level II arpeggio sequence to help learn more advanced arpeggio patterns. By playing through this daily for a few weeks, your slide control will grow exponentially. About 20 minutes beginning to end. 

Chord Resolution Patterns

These are great to do with 2 other trombonists or other low brass players. These will help you learn to play in tune in a section, as well as listen critically and adjust. Also great for recording yourself using the Acapella app, or similar. 

Feel, don't Think

A set of exercises to help remove the stutter or freeze up that can occur with playing on command, on cue, with a metronome, or just reliably whenever you want to. These help players of all levels immensely.

Dark Depths I

A Routine designed to help develop your lower register as a bass trombonist at the high school or college level, or for a college level or professional tenor to expand their basement register.

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