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Trombone Guide will always be FREE. I am completely committed to that. However, in addition to Running trombone Guide, I also compose pedagogical materials as well as original compositions. My compositions are all available through Ilan Morgenstern Publications, and can all be purchased either as PDF digital downloads or as hard published copies.

A 4 minute recital finisher for bass trombone alone. Tarmac plays on virtuosic and dexterous control of the instrument while employing commercial jazz techniques and styles. 


For Bass Trombone


A five movement suite for trombone and based upon 5 different paintings that hang in the museum of fine arts in Boston, MA. This work is stylistically similar to a bach cello suite. 

Suite of Sketches

for Tenor Trombone 


This method book is designed to be an all-encompassing methodology for alto trombone. From the very beginner to the seasoned professional, this book has something for everybody.

AltoNative Methods

A practical guide to the alto trombone


A recital finisher for Tenor Trombone alone. Baba Yaga uses virtuosic command of the tenor trombone and wide lip slurs to portray an eastern european folk legend.  

Baba Yaga

for Tenor Trombone 


-Coming Soon-

Starlight Highway

concertino for Alto trombone and Piano

Alto Trombone 

and piano

Eidetic Secrets

for Tenor Trombone and Harp 


For Bass Trombone and Piano