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The Trombone Guide Machine is a beat track player that
has soundtrack accompaniment to many of the exercises available for free on . 
You can stream any of them here:

Each Track is designed to be used in conjunction with a large speaker or headphones, so that you can blend your sound into the sound of the track.

8 Count Long Tones Descending

8 Count long tones,
starting on B flat.

Plyometric Tonicizations I at Q=60

To be Done with 
Plyometric Tonicizations I

Bb Drone for Scale

A drone to play B flat
scales and patterns 

Scale Patterns for Looping Articulations

A pattern that descends from B flat all the way down an octave, for scale looping

Fireman's Net Slurs, Each Slur Repeated

For the 'fireman's net' slurs under advance, at tempo Q= 72. can also be used with any slur pattern descending from 1 to 7th position.

Plyometric Tonicizations I Q=120

As above, only faster.

Fireman's Net Slurs, each slur repeated. Q=108

As above, but at Q=108

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