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Beginner Exercises- Great for the beginning player of at least 6 months on the horn, or to isolate fundamentals within your playing.

If you're an advanced player, don't stray away from these- I often play out of these routines because of the focused approach. It keeps me getting better!


Dino Might! is designed as a 10 minute routine for beginner players to do each day. Great to keep the muscles building and the music happening!

Happy Birthday Sheet Music

Everybody gets asked to "Play Happy Birthday on your Trombone!" because it's Grandma's birthday .. Now, you'll be ready! 

Legato Playing

Exercises to help build cleanliness and clarity in legato playing. Good for players young and old. This exercise takes about 10 minutes, and will greatly help shape your clarity of playing very quickly. 

Arpeggio Archery

Arpeggio Archery is a beginner arpeggio sequence to help you learn and become comfortable with arpeggios. By playing through this short routine regularly, your instinctive slide understanding will grow quickly as you master common arpeggios.

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