Guided Listening

Guided Listening is an interview series where we invite experts in the field on topics related to trombone, performing, practicing, or other related ideas, and interview them. These interviews are sponsored by the Trombone Guide Patreon Page, which allows for a budget to work with. If you are interested in supporting this project, please head on over to

Episode 1- Amanda Stewart, Asst.Principal Trombone, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Episode 2- Brian Hecht, Bass Trombone, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Episode 3- Amelia Rosenberger, Yoga for All Musicians ™

Episode 4- John Romero, Principal Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Episode 5- Chris Van Hof, Professor of Trombone, Ball State University

Episode 6- Ilan Morgenstern and Brian Wendel, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra